Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic Defibrillator

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Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic AEDMedtronic Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic AED – 80403-000018Medtonic Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic AED was created for the first person at the scene of a cardiac arrest. It is designed to be used by the minimally trained rescuer with the semi automatic version only requiring 3 steps to a potentially life saving defibrillation shock Ease of UseWhen switched on the Lifepak CR Plus voice prompts guide the user throughout the rescue. Electrode pads are pre connected. Once the electrodes are attached to the casualty a pair of red indicators on the unit turn solid green. The semi automatic CR Plus analyses the patient using ADAPTIV biphasic technology which automatically adjusts energy based on the persons needs. To deliver a shock on the semi automatice version ashock button needs to be pressed. The default energy delivery protocol is 200, 200, 360 J but this can be changed to between 150 and 360 J. Up to 30 shocks and 210 minutes of “on time” with a fully charged battery, the unit has an in-built rechargeable lithium battery which is trickle charged by a non rechargeable battery. The Lifepak Cr Plus features a motion detection system which can de set on or off during analysis. The internal memory stores up tp 20 minutes of ECG and at least 200 time-stamped event markers. This data can be wireless transfered via an infrared port to a PC for review using one of Medtronics event review software packages. Self tests occur on a daily basis and every time the unit is switched on.

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