Aivia 100 Defib Wall Cabinet


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Aivia 100 The AIVIA 100 may be installed indoors. Combining strength and lightness Aivia is composed of two distinct parts: The polycarbonate cover The ABS base These materials are well known in the automobile industry, among others, giving excellent shock resistance properties. Polycarbonate is used in vehicle headlights and ABS for bumpers. Markings On the front face are shown the survival sequence and three clear pictograms with instructions for use. On the sides are AED (English) and DAE (Latin) separated from the logo for the defibrillator (heart broken by an electric spark). Features Day/night lighting of the AED compartment by leds with automatic luminosity detection. Access to the AED is protected by plastic coated seals. Opening the cover automatically triggers a visual alarm (flashing red leds). The audible alarm, optional, is activated when the cover opens (95dB). Location Powered with 4 disposable batteries (4xLR20 delivered), Dimensions: H = 423 mm, L = 388 mm, P = 201 mm, Weight = 3.5 kg WarrantyAIVIA cabinets supplied after January 2012, have a two year factory warranty.