Cardiochek Glucose Strips (25)


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Blood Glucose Test Strips for the CardioChek P.A. Meter. These Blood Glucose test strips are designed to be used by healthcare professionals with the CardioChek P.A. Meter. The CardioChek Strips require only 15 ul of whole blood to perform the testing. The test results are rapid, taking around 2 minutes to complete, allowing your healthcare professional to take any action necessary to manage your condition. Strip Test For Blood Glucose Specifications Range: Glucose: 20-600 mg/dL (1.11-33.3 mmol/L) Time: about 1 minutes Sampler: 15 µL whole blood (fingerstick or venous) Analyzer: CardioChek PA or CardioChek CLIA: Waived Pack Size 25 Strips   ShowTabs()