Electrolux Pharmacy Fridge DS301H (1 Cubic Feet)


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Electrolux Pharmacy Fridge DS301H (1 Cubic Feet) pharmacy medicine fridges are a perfect solution for hospitals, pharmacies, GP surgeries, vets, dentists and other health centres to keep temperature sensitive medicines between 2-6°C. With the help of tray dividers medicines can be well organized. On the top of the medicine fridge, a digital thermometer helps check the interior temperature and shows the maximum and minimum temperatures until reset. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery direct from the manufacturer.Features:   230 Volt Main. Small medicine fridge. Safe storage for vaccines, insulin and other heat sensitive preparations. Door lock. Manual defrost. External Min / Max digital thermometer display. Changeable outer door panel onElectrolux Pharmacy Fridge DS301H (1 Cubic Feet) medicine fridge Colour: White. Freestanding Weight: 16kg Outer Dimensions (H x W x D): 580 x 422 x 393mm