Vaccutainer Blood Collection System 21g 367282 (50)


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Vaccutainer Blood Collection System 21g 367282 (50) BD Safety-Lok; Blood Collection Set, 21 G, ¾”, green, 7″ (17cm) tubing, safety re-shielding cover, Luer™ adapterThe BD Blood Collection Sets allow blood to be drawn from difficult veins, for example backs of hands, and can be used in high risk areas and for blood cultures. The BD Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set incorporates a protective shield, which locks over the needle after venepuncutre. This significantly reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and infection transmission. Available in 21G and 23G with a range of flexible tubing lengths. It incorporates butterfly wings for ease of use. The BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Set is the same but without the reshielding cover.