Stethoscope Tytan Masterpiece Cardiology 450


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Chest-piece The solid stainless steel with hand-polished chest-piece with patented“ Tytan Two-Tone technology”diaphragm lets you monitor high and low frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure on the chest-piece.*

BinauralStainless steel binaural tube with a reinforce dual inner-spring construction provides extra durability, while still maintaining portability.*

Tubing2-in-1 channel thick-walled tubes reduce noise provides outstanding sound transmission.*

ComfortChest-piece has a non-chill rim, no need to warm it up before use. The ear tubes are permanently set at anatomically correct angle for better sound transmitting into your ear canals. Plus, the soft screw-on soft eartips that assures maximum comfort and excellent acoustic seal in the ear canal. *

An extra diaphragm with pair of large soft screw-on and firm eartips and ID tag are also included.