WaterJel Fire Service Burn Kit



Water-Jel Kits are available in different designs for the different work environments of first responders, safety managers and medical professionals. Based on our experience and developed together with Paramedics around Europe, these burn kits offer different combinations of Burn Dressings, Burn Wrap/Fire Blankets and Burn Jel to meet any Burn Emergency. All Water-Jel Burn Care Kits come in handy transport- and storage bags. The Fire Service Kit is the right choice for first responder teams to be able to offer a first aid treatment for burn injuries. Furthermore fire men are a high risk group for burn injuries and this kit offers a full set of burn dressings for the most common burn areas coming along with their job.   1 x Face Mask 30 x 40 cm 2 x Dressings 10 x 40 cm 2 x Dressings 10 x 10 cm 2 x Dressings 5 x 15 cm Conforming Bandages and a First-Aid Scissor