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For parents with children, it is often very difficult to get your child to co-operate with the administration of a conventional thermometer fever test, especially when this needs to be done repeatedly during times when continual monitoring is necessary.  With the new BAYMED 48-HR Continual Digital Human Fever Indicators, monitoring a young person’s temperature is now much easier.  The 48-HR Continual Digital Human Fever Indicator is a valuable and simple instrument for obtaining an accurate indication as to whether or not you or your child has a fever over a 48-HR period of constant temperature monitoring. To apply the 48-HR Continual Digital Human Fever Indicators, you simply remove one of the kiss-cut adhesive monitors from the backing and apply it to an area under the armpit, on the chest, back or on the forehead of the child. The standard BAYMED 48-HR Continual Digital Human Fever Indicator provides a clearly visible temperature reading for five distinct temperatures. The Encapsulated Liquid Crystal technology on the indicator strip will accurately display whether or not you or your child has a normal temperature or a fever within 30 seconds of application. If the letter “N” appears on the strip, then the body temperature is normal (36 degrees Celsius, 97 Fahrenheit). If any of the numbers appear on the strip in addition to the “N”, then the body temperature will correspond to the highest figure that appears in green, these being 37 degrees Celsius (99 F), 38 degrees Celsius (101 F), 39 degrees Celsius (103 F) and 40 degrees Celsius (105 F), enabling the user of the product to determine just how elevated the fever may be during the entire monitoring period.  This unique product is manufactured using a hypoallergenic adhesive and can be left on normal skin continually for up to 48 hours. In addition to children, this easy to use product is appealing for a large number of situations including senior citizens who appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this device.