Measuring Tape 60 inch


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  • SOFT MEASURE TAPE BODY : Measuring tapes made from premium soft and flexible material to measure rounded or flat surfaces, ideal for measuring odd-shaped and irregular pieces. The tape has metal tabs on each end of the cloth tape measure to butt-up against the item your measuring. The metal ends also can prevent fraying.
  • EASY TO MEASURE AND EASY TO CARRY :The sewing tape measure has large and clear markings on the top, easy and convenient to read and use You can put one in your purse, it wouldn’t take up to much room.
  • DUAL SIDED SCALE MEASURING TAPE :One side reads inches and the other side reads centimeters. measuring range is 60 inches/ 150 cm.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE : 1 Piece soft tape measure double scale in different colour. Suitable for measuring curved or flat surfaces.
  • TAPE MEASURE EASY APPLICATIONS: Cloth tape measure; body tape measure, sewing tape measure, accurate tape measuring for sewing, tailoring, body, waist measurement or measuring any curved surface. Alfya tapes can provide you accurate measurements, suitable for a crafter, a quilter or weight loss.