Laerdal Pocket Mask with Filter & One Way Valve F79005


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Laerdal Pocket Mask with Filter & One Way Valve       F79005

The Laerdal pocket mask makes CPR safer by protecting both the patient and the provider. The mask seals to the patients face and enables providers to breathe through the one-way valve. Below the one-way valve a filter protects providers from airborne pathogens, liquids and secretions.

  • Facilitates a patients airway by combining moderate heat tilt, jaw lift and opening of the mouth
  • Easy to clean – just use soapy water or disinfectant suitable for plastics
  • Transparent dome allows the rescuer to check patients mouth for lip colour and secretions
  • Mask can be cleaned and reused
  • One-way valve and filter
  • One-way valve can be cleaned and reused for repeated manikin training only, but must be discarded after single patient use
  • Filter must be discarded after each use
  • CE marked