ComfiSpec Vaginal Speculum Small (25)


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comfispec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum Designed for the discerning professional, comfispec is a high-quality, reliable disposable vaginal speculum which offers great value for money and predictable performance. Features Optimum 38 degree opening angle provides best access for gynaecology procedures Textured and frosted handle provides superior grip and control Predictable fail safe feature is outside the patient Reduced danger of skin trapping Fast acting locking mechanism for reduced procedure durations and less patient trauma Silent operation Professional grade Strength The wall thickness of the comfispec disposable vaginal speculum is greater than many other speculum models on the market.  Additionally, the comfispec is designed to fail safely outside the body at a pre-determined point in extreme situations.  Locking Mechanism The locking mechanism of the comfispec speculum is fast to engage and guarantees to hold the comfispec firmly open throughout the examination or procedure leading to: Shorter procedure duration Improved patient experience Skin Trap The gap between the beaks of the comfispec disposable vaginal speculum when closed or when closing has  been designed to ensure: Less likelihood of pinching skin when closing the device Improved patient comfort comfispec handles The comfispec features smooth, rounded, long and extremely comfortable handles with an ergonomically designed, trigger-like mechanism.  The handles feature dimples and a frosted finish with a generous angle between the speculum and the patient’s body ensuring: Complete practitioner control  Superb grip during examinations  Greater patient comfort