A&D TM-2430 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor + Software, 2 Cuff


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TM-2430 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor(Kit includes these extras free of charge: Dr Pro software, standard + large adult cuff, rechargeable batteries and charger) The TM-2430 is a compact & lightweight ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which incorporates A&D’s latest technology gained from over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of ambulatory BPMs. This monitor was validated in accordance with BHS protocol and its accuracy was proven to be A/A. Weighing only 215 grams, and the size of a cigarette pack, the portable TM-2430 can be easily taken anywhere with a patient. Features 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring BHS A/A Grade Validation Light weight & compact size Oscillometric measuring method Automatically adjusts: Proper Cuff Pressure ExhaustEnd of Measurement New pulse correction algorithm for faster measurement & noise rejection Automatic or manual measurement Battery Power (3 alkaline or Ni-Cd “AA”) Date/Time display: 1997-2096 & auto leap year Multiple measurement intervals – adapts to patient’s exact requirements Data output to computer or printer (RS-232C connectivity) Doctor Pro software features Setting up all the parameters Various formats of graphs for further diagnosis: Trend Correlation Histograms Circadian rhythm analysis Hyperbaric index analysis BP Measurement Measurement Method Oscillometric Measuring Range Blood Pressure 40 ~ 280 mmHg (SYS – 60 ~ 280mmHg/DIA – 40 ~ 160mmHg) Pulse 30 ~ 200 bpm Accuracy Blood Pressure +/- 3 mmHg Pulse +/-5% Pressurization Method Micro pump Maximum Pressure 300 mmHg Preset Pressure Automatic Depressurization Method Electric Controlled Exhaust Valve (ECEV) Safety System A magnetic, solenoid valve opens when the pressure exceeds approximately 320 mmHg. Over 330 mmHg, an independent safety circuit exhausts air. Interval Setting 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120 min. Clock 24 hour clock, calendar (~ year 2096) Memory Data Up to 300 sets of data Power Supply Battery 3x LR6(“AA”) type batteries – alkaline or Ni-cd type Battery Life Approx. 200 measurements Temperature & Humidity Operating Temperatures 10aC ~ 40aC (50aF ~ 104aF), Less than 85%RH (non-condensing) Storage & Transportation -20aC ~ 55aC (14aF ~ 131aF), Less than 95%RH (non-condensing) External Dimensions 72(W) x 27(H) x 100(D) mm/2.8(W) x 1.0(H) x 3.9(D) inches Weight Approx. 215g (0.47lb) without cuff