Scoop Stretcher EXL 65 Yellow with Pins,Red Handles + Straps


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The Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher is ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium and precision mouldings allowing light weight with considerable strength. The biggest advantage of the Scoop is that it enables easy access to awkward low spaces and makes movement of the body easy in confined areas. The Scoop EXL Stretcher features speed pins and four BioThane straps allowing a patient to be secured to the scoop. Orthopaedic Stretcher Narrow foot end frame for handling in confined spaces Can be split into two easy to handle pieces Oval profile and angled handles provide ergonomic ease of use X-Ray translucent Twin safety lock for smooth and non binding locking and unlocking Head section is recessed to maintain proper neutral alignment of the C-Spine Four length options accommodate patients of different heights Engineered polymer construction means smooth quiet transport Easy to clean surface – impervious to body fluids Thermally treated material does not get too hot or cold, allowing greater patient comfort CEN compliant Measures 43cm x 165cm, weighs only 15kg Maximum load capacity of 150kg