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BottleSure Retail Pack of 30 As a parent, I found one of the more worrying aspects of learning to feed a small baby was getting the milk to the right temperature.  The usual advice was to put a drop on the inside of my wrist and if I couldn’t feel it then it was ‘just right’ but because my skin is not very sensitive I made the milk far too warm, I got the hang of it but realised that a temperature gauge would have been very useful.  Thinking about childcare; does the babysitter know the correct temperature, or Daddy, or Grandma for that matter? What about when you’re out? Each place you go has a different way of heating never mind that your wrist may be hotter or colder depending on the conditions. What is the BottleSure temperature gauge? It’s an LCD strip that permanently sticks onto the outside your baby’s bottles and helps you check the temperature of the contents.  It is designed to last the lifetime of the bottle. How does the BottleSure work?The LCD crystals react to heat by changing colour and in the bottleSURE there are 3 reactive panels. Each panel first glows red then green and finally blue with green being the ‘correct’ reading.   COOL OK HOT Red 300C – 310C 360C 390C – 410C Green 320C – 330C 370C 420C – 450C Blue 340C – 350C 380C 460C – 490C   BottleSure gauges are:  ·         Accurate +/- 0.5oC ·         Hygienic ·         Permanent & will last the lifetime of the bottle ·         Easy to read ·         Ideal for when you’re out & about ·         Waterproof, steam proof, dishwasher proof, sterilising fluid proof, microwave proof ·         Fits most bottles (extreme curvature may cause edge wrinkling) ·         Small enough to fit almost any bottle, large enough to read (19mm x 44mm)