Cardiocheck PA Meter


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The CardioChek P.A meter is a fast, hand-held, state of the art, battery operated, whole blood test system. The CardioChek P.A. has been designed to enable the health-care professional to test patients for lipid levels (Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL), from a small sample size, and take action to bring lipids under control on-the-spot. In addition to testing for Lipids the CardioChek P.A. also allows you to test for Blood Glucose levels. CardioChek P.A Features Easy to use. Two buttons do it all! Results in 2 minutes or less Small fingerstick sample size(15-40L) Room temperature strip storage 18-24 months The only analyser that can use LDL test strips (No Fasting) Compatible with a thermal Printer Battery operated, no power source necessary Portable, palm-sized, easy to ship and store Large digital readout Meets NCEP guidelines for accuracy and precision Can be programmed to display in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese Factory-calibrated and ready to use CLIA-waved, FDA-cleared, CRMLN-certified, and CE-marked