Cardiochek Lipid Panel Test Strips (15)


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Lipid Panel Test Strips for the CardioChek P.A. Meter. The Lipid Panel Testing strip is an all-in-one test for Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides. It also performs a calculated LDL Cholesterol reading as part of the test. HDL Cholesterol is what is known as good cholesterol. The higher that your levels of HDL are the more natural protection you have against a heart attack. Your Total Cholesterol level is a sum of all the different types of cholesterol in your blood. Your total cholesterol level is also an indicator, in combination with other factors (high blood pressure, family history of early heart disease, smoking, low HDL cholesterol, and age) of your chances of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. The higher your Total Cholesterol, the more at risk you are. Triglyceride levels can become elevated due to obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, excess alcohol consumption and a diet high in carbohydrates. The CardioChek P.A. Meter, in combination with this all-in-one Lipid Panel Test, allow you to easily track your Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglyceride, and LDL Cholesterol levels. These Lipid panel all-in-one test strips are designed to be used with the CardioChek P.A. Meter. The Lipid Panel all-in-one CardioChek test strip still only requires a small sample 30-45 ul of whole blood to perform the testing. The test results are rapid, taking around 2 minutes to complete, allowing your healthcare professional to take any action necessary to manage your condition. Combined Panel Test For Total Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol Triglycerides Calculated LDL Cholesterol Specifications Range: Total Cholesterol: 100-400 mg/dL (2.59-10.36 mmol/L)HDL Cholesterol: 15-100 mg/dL (0.39-2.59 mmol/L)Triglycerides: 50-500 mg/dL (0.56-5.65 mmol/L) Time: about 2 minutes Sampler: 25-30 ┬ÁL whole blood (fingerstick or venous) Analyzer: CardioChek PA only CLIA: Waived Pack Size 15 Strips