Biofreeze Sachets Hospital Pack (100)


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Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel is a quick, easy, long lasting gel made from all Natural inredient Ilex, extracted from a South American Plant. Just rub in to the painful area and get relief in a matter of minutes!!! At long last you can soothe away all those aches and pains with a drug free, totally safe gel! It can be used with other medicines with no side effects. It is ideal for Arthritis pain, Rheumatism, Sports injuries, Shoulder/Arm Discomfort, Muscle Spasms, Back Pain, Strained Muscle Pain, Neck, Hip & Leg Pain, Bursitis Pain, Painful Joints etc etc. Biofreeze does NOT use oils, waxes, aloe or petroleum. The result is a FAST acting, deep penetrating, long lasting relief.