Combi Head Immobiliser (CHI)


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Specially designed for optimum fitting on Scoop® stretchers and Spineboards The Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser has a uniquely designed base-pad and strapping system providing optimum fitting in all cases. The CHI is manfactured from a unique latex-free Polyurethane moulded head-blocks, which are impervious to liquids and also contain anti-bacterial additives. Accidental surface damage will not affect the integrity of the product, which means enhanced durability and many years of effective use. Features Reusable – accidental surface damage to head blocks does not affect integrity of product, and can still be reused, unlike dipped or disposable head blocks Highly versatile – compatible with all versions of Scoops and Spineboards, by altering orientation of head-blocks and using a specially designed strapping system Easy storage – compact in design, can be stored whilst located on a spineboard or separately in a cupboard Benefits Quick to deploy – easy to apply the CHI to a Scoop or Spineboard in minutes Combat infection – fully infection-control compliant, using antimicrobial Velcro and PU moulded head-blocks that contain antibacterial additives throughout Use in X-ray and MRI scanners – scans of the patient can be taken with the CHI in position Modular design – allows replacement of individual parts, not the complete product