First Aid Manual 10th Edition


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The UK’s three Voluntary Aid Societies – St John Ambulance,St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association and the British Red Cross, all leading first aid providers – have redesigned and restructured the best selling First Aid Manual, ensuring that all information is clearer than ever before. This manual is the only fully comprehensive and illustrated guide to first aid on the market. Featuring live-action, step-by-step photographs (shot on location for added realism) throughout, which really show the reader exactly what to do in any situation. Key features: Double-page spread section openers Colour coded chapters enable the reader to navigate the manual quickly and easily Features the latest best practice and the most up-to-date first aid techniques Includes a self-contained chapter focusing solely on the management of the unconscious casualty Section advising on the practical aspects of becoming a first aider and the importance of looking after your own needs as well as those of a casualty Up-to-date advice on protection from infection Expanded section on the use of AEDs for adults and for children Latest guidelines for management of a stroke using the FAST guide. *Discounts for Bulk Buying