Biohazard Sharps Clean Up Kit Single Application


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1. PROTECT2. SPRINKLE3. DISPOSE4. DISINFECT5. DESTROY Baymed Healthcare’s efficient, simple stepped approach to biohazard control. Everything required to clean up, contained in one simple pack – simple to grab, simple to use, simple to destroy… BIOHAZARD SHARPS CLEAN UP KITEffectively aids the removal, containment, disinfection and disposal of discarded needles and syringes. 1 SINGLE APPLICATION CONTAINS:1 Disinfectant Spray (8ml)1 Disposable Gloves (pair)1 Biohazard Bag1 Disinfectant Wipe1 Disposable Forceps1 Sharps Container 0.2ltr SIZE (H x W x D)32cm x 33.5cm x 9.5cm