Calcium Gluconate Gel 40gm


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Calcium Gluconate Gel 40gm C-Gel, Calcium Gluconate Topical Gel, also known as HF Antidote Gel, is used in the treatment of skin burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid. All HF burns require a full medical evaluation, whether treated with gel or not. Calcium Gluconate Gel works by combining with Hydrofluoric Acid to neutralize the powerful fluoride ion. The immediate application of this antidote gel to the burn site reduces burn damage to bone and deep tissue. The major action of Calcium Gluconate Gel, is to provide excess or substitute calcium stores by combining with HF to generate insoluble calcium fluoride, thus preventing the extraction of calcium from bones and tissues from the resulting burns. Removal of calcium from blood and tissue by fluoride ion attack results in a serious, frequently life-threatening condition known as hypocalcemia. Keep Calcium Gluconate Gel nearby whenever youÂ’re working with Hydrofluoric Acid. Calcium Gluconate Gel should be stored in a refrigerator if possible and replaced with a fresh supply just prior to its expiration date. Disposable medical examination gloves should be worn when applying Calcium Gluconate Gel.