Keystone VS 6 Vision Screener


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For Medical Practitioners, Transport Companies, Emergency Services & Occupational Health. Dark Adaptation Exam option keeps your company out of the dark. The VS 6 Medical blends technological convenience with more than 80 years of vision testing research,expertise and excellence. Like its predecessors, the VS 6 Medical features several unique competitiveadvantages—such as testing in reflected light rather than with backlit targets to mirror everyday visual function. Now with larger viewing lens the VS 6 accommodates examinees who use progressive lens glasses. The VS 6is the only screener on the market that comes with glare recovery and contrast sensitivity tests and horizontaland vertical periometer tests. New & Standard VS 6 Medical Features • Glare Recovery • Contrast Sensitivity • Test acuity, phorias, stereopsis • Enlarged Viewing Lens to Accommodate Multifocals • Elliptech Soft Touch Membrane Control Panel • Long-Life True White Light LEDs • Built-In Head Sensor • Horizontal and Vertical Peripheral Vision Test • Night Vision Test • Visionary™ Software (100 Records) • 3-Year Warranty • UK Specification Simple Simple and easy to use. The VS 6 is layperson friendly requiring minimal examiner training. Efficient The exam process is rapid yet accurate, allowing for maximum efficiency as the screening process averages under 5 minutes per examinee. Well-Built With eight decades of experience, the reliability of Keystone View’s engineering and manufacturing ensures your VS 6 Vision Screener will require little or no maintenance. Convenient The VS 6 smartly styled housing provides a small, self-contained, and light-weight vision screener that is easily moved to any location in or out of the office. Precise The VS 6 replicates “real life” vision by using reflective light provided by two long-life true white (5000K) light emitting diodes. Available with Visionary Software • Allows control of the VS 6 test instrument remotely from the computer work station. • Compatible with most Microsoft Windows based PCs and laptop computers. • User friendly design makes for “clicking through” the testing procedure. • Automatically stores results in an easy-to-access client/patient database. • Multiple reports are easily generated. • Easily upgrade to unlimited records with additional payment.